Internet Services in Victoria & Port O’Connor, TX

How it works:

At the customer site we install a small outdoor antenna (CPE) in line-of-sight to one of our radio towers. On the inside of the home or business we provide an ethernet connection that can be connected to any computer, wireless router, or custom network.

Residential Internet Services:

  • Fast Reliable Service
  • State-of-the-Art Email
  • No Credit Checks or Contracts
  • Professional Installation
  • No Rental or Hidden Fees
  • Local Tech Support
  • Secure WiFi

Business Internet Services:

  • One Business Day Response Time
  • Hosted Email
  • IT Support
  • Unmatched Latency
  • WiFi Solutions for Large Areas
  • Industry Class Speeds
  • Custom Personalized Service

Please call for our current promotions and offers or CLICK HERE to view our monthly pricing plans on all internet packages.

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